Kyoko works with couples addressing:
  • Communication skills
  • Pre-commitment couseling
  • Resolving conflict
  • Intimacy and sex
  • Resolving cultural differences
  • Resolving parenting differences
  • Blended families
  • Life transitions
  • Separation and divorce
  • Healing after trauma
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Couples Therapy

Relationships are one of the most difficult challenges we face as adults. Couples from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds often face greater difficulties. The complex challenges of coordinating different worldviews, lifestyles, communication styles, expectations for the relationship, parenting approaches and relationships with family and community can be frustrating and very painful.

In couples counseling, you will be offered an emotionally safe environment, where each person can be heard, understood, and respected. We will identify the patterns and cycles in your relationship that create and maintain distress and may make it hard to feel safe and be vulnerable. You will be guided in developing the skills you need to communicate more clearly, with honesty and sensitivity, so that you can meet challenging issues side-by-side and shift these painful cycles into more effective ones.

All of us carry pain from our childhood. All of us have been conditioned by our family and our culture to behave in certain patterns that have supported our growth up to the current moment. We will work collaboratively to explore unconscious beliefs and cultural conditions underlying the dynamics of your relationship. This will allow mutual understanding, acceptance and even appreciation of your differences. With a strengthened bond, you may find yourselves naturally engaging in new patterns that support and increase feelings of closeness and intimacy.